Anytime Conversations

Thought provoking questions to stimulate conversations with your kids anytime and anywhere.  A perfect mix of age appropriate questions aimed toward self-discovery, family history, amusement and relationship-building.


Questions that Get Kids Talking!


Anytime Conversations can be used at mealtime, in the car, on an airplane or at family gatherings.  It’s fun, fulfilling and easy to use. Questions range from silly to thought-provoking and encourage open communication between parents and kids.  Learn something new about your kids and even yourself!  (101 Questions - 4" x 4" book)

Love Notes & Reward Coupons

Children need  their parent’s love to grow up with confidence. Love Notes & Reward Coupons make children feel like the most important person in the world.   Putting Love Notes on children’s pillows, in their lunch box, in their camp back pack or even in their sleepover bag to their friend’s house will add more than just a smile on their face!  Also, included are reward coupons to reward them for all the things they are doing right! (50 Love Notes/50 Reward Coupons - 4" x 4" book)

Coming Soon

Love Notes & Reward Coupons 2, Bee Happy (positive messages for kids).