Bento Box

If your kids are getting sick of eating the same thing every day, and tired of carrying a lunch box or lunch bag, switch up their school lunch with a fun easy to use bento box!  MyWish4U is proud to introduce Ecozoi Bento Box. Made from the best quality food grade stainless steel, these lunch boxes are good for the planet and good for your health.

And, they come in completely plastic-free packaging.

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Encourages Your Picky Eaters

to Eat Healthy!


The separate compartments in the Bento box can be beautifully packed with your kids’ favorite foods. Fill each compartment with different, brightly colored vegetables, fruits, yogurt, sauces, cheeses, roll-ups, or your little ones’ favorite food. When it’s time to eat, your child can open up the Bento box and find a delightful, appealing array of colorful food. Not even the pickiest child can resist the temptation of the colorful buffet. With a Bento box lunch, your child is more likely to eat a healthy variety of fresh food.

Keeps Food Fresh!


The Bento box compartments are specially designed to keep the food separate. Each compartment is carefully designed to fit snugly into the box. You can toss some crispy pretzels in one compartment, nestle some fruit slices in another compartment, and fill other compartments with noodles, dipping yogurt, or applesauce without compromising any freshness. The Bento box keeps the food in each compartment from touching any other food, so it stays fresh for hours.

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Suitable for the Planet!


Since the bento box has several sections it allows different foods to be served without touching each other. This reduces the need to use plastic wraps or bags to keep foods separated. Decreasing the use of plastic wraps and bags also reduces the amount of plastic wastes going into landfills, significantly saving the environment.

Benefits of the Bento Box

• The compartments within the Bento lunchbox allow different foods to be placed in without touching each other.

•  Encourages Kids to Try a Variety of Foods.

•  Easy Care and Easy Wash.

•  Snack on the Go.

•  Good for the environment.

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•  Stainless Steel Eco Lunch Box

•  Leak Proof

•  3 Compartment

•  35 Oz or 1000 ml

Regular price $36.95

Sale price $34.95

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 16-28-30 Stainless Steel Eco Lunch Box, Leak Proof, 5 Compartment

•  Stainless Steel Eco Lunch Box

•  Leak Proof

•  5 Compartment

•  50 Oz or 1500 ml

Regular price $39.95

Sale price $36.95