Connect with Your Kids this Holiday Season!

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Holiday Notes From Me!®  are clever tear-off notes that teach your kids fun facts about their favorite holiday and make them laugh, too!  4"x 4" books with 50 unique tear-off notes in each. Brighten your kid’s mealtime, alone time, school lunch, and family time. MyWish4U has the perfect solution to boredom and attachment to electronics: Christmas Facts & Funnies or Hanukkah Notes.   Each book is overflowing with cool holiday facts and jolly jokes. 


Holiday Facts and Jolly Jokes

for the entire family!


Add family connection, joy, and positive affirmations for your child! Both MyWish4U Notes are perfect as conversation starters for the holiday table; as entertainment for “bored” kids;” and as a way to connect!  Oodles of non-stop fun!   Inexpensive and so easy to use.  Put in your kid's lunchbox, Christmas stockings, or place on the dinner table.  Enjoy during car rides, at social gatherings, picnics, sleepovers, and school.  

Bring holiday cheer to

family mealtime!


The holiday season is a great time to make memories! Tear off a note and use a thoughtful gift topper, tree decoration, or as place cards at the holiday table. These happy Christmas and Hanukkah Notes tell your kids that even in the midst of the busy hustle and bustle of daily life, you stopped to think about them.  Plus, there’s white space on the back of each note so that you can personalize it with a happy doodle or message of encouragement.


Give Your Child An Unexpected

laughing and learning Treat!


It’s not easy sometimes to get your kids chatting with you, especially with all the distractions. As parents, we tend to go with the “tried and true” and ask ‘how was your day?’ – yet it often results in a short answer of ‘good’, instead of creating conversation.  Instead of resorting to that question, try using Holiday Notes from Me for kids that will create more discussion. Obviously anytime can be a good time to talk to your kids.  It also can be easier to bond with your kids during the Christmas and Hanukkah season. Creates trusting and open relationships with your kids.

Holiday Notes are the Perfect Treat!

•  LAUGH AND LEARN:  Anytime, anywhere and this holiday season.

•  MERRY ADDITIONS:  THE perfect Stocking-Stuffers and gifts of Love.

•  CONVERSATION STARTERS:  The easy to way to get kids talking.

•  FAMILY CONNECTION BOOSTS:  Oodles of non-stop fun.

•  INEXPENSIVE GIFT:  Thoughtful, uplifting, and so easy to use

•  CONVENIENT:  Just slip into lunchboxes and use at social gatherings. 

•  FOR ANYONE:  Perfect for parents, teachers, and grandparents as a way to brighten a child's holiday.

MyWish4U Christmas Facts & Funnies
MyWish4U Hanukkah Facts & Funnies
MyWish4U Hanukkah Facts & Funnies

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MyWish4U Christmas Facts & Funnies