Guaranteed to Put a Smile On Your Kid's Face!

Mealtime Notes from Me!® include brainy riddles, funny jokes, foodie facts, easy recipes, and fun games to connect with your children at mealtime! The act of sitting together around a dinner table, sharing a meal, and having conversations is a comforting ritual to introduce to your children from a young age. If you start this ritual early, your children will come to expect it and respect it.

The benefits of eating family meals together are well documented – healthier eating habits, better grades, and stronger parent-child relationships. Mealtime should be happy, positive, and engaging with your family. It’s the perfect time to have light conversation that makes eating enjoyable.


Mealtime Family Conversations!


There are so many wonderful ideas to keep meals positive for the entire family. One surefire way is to involve your child in choosing the menu, helping with grocery shopping and meal preparation. Kids often love cooking and helping with meals. Mealtime Notes from Me include easy, kid-friendly recipes. 

It Makes Mealtime More Fun!


Another way to make family mealtime fun time is by establishing family mealtime rules.  Involve the entire family in coming up with rules. Rules can be simple, such as: no interrupting when someone is talking and no phones at the table, etc.  Keep kids happily involved before the meal begins with Mealtime Notes from Me foodie puzzles, word searches and mazes. 

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Creates an Opportunity

to Bond and Learn!


Mealtime Notes from Me are perfect conversation starters.  Filled with foodie facts to involve the entire family. It will be a jump start to some interesting conversations. The jokes that are included in Mealtime Notes will also be the perfect distraction to add humor and lightness to the gathering.  The goal of sparking a conversation and positive feelings at mealtime is to encourage social interaction between you and your children. 

Make Mealtime More Enjoyable and Positive!

•  LAUGH AND LEARN:  Kids are able to have mealtime conversation with facts and jokes related to food.

•  CONVERSATION STARTERS:  Mealtime Notes make it incredibly easy way to get kids talking.

•  FAMILY CONNECTION BOOSTS:  Makes time sitting around the table eating fun and conversational.

•  INEXPENSIVE GIFT:  Only $4.99.  Thoughtful, uplifting, and so easy to use.

•  FOR ANYONE:  Perfect for families and grandparents as a way to brighten a kid’s day.

•  EASY TO USE:  Helpful to keep kids off electronics learning cool facts, laughing at silly jokes and doing clever games.

•  RECIPES:  Bond with kid-friendly recipes for meals you can create together easily.