Snacks and Meals Kids Love That Require Absolutely No Cooking

As fun and rewarding as it is to cook for your kids, it can often become exhausting and time consuming when you have to do it 7 days a week! Keep cool with these super-fast no-cook kid-friendly ideas. Here are 4 delicious things to throw together when you’re pressed for food options! No stove or oven required!

Turkey, Cheese, and Veggie Plate

With charcuterie boards becoming a huge fad as of recent, why not put together a small one for your kids. This turkey, cheese, and veggie plate is very nutritious and should be a lot of fun to make with kids. It also has something that everyone can enjoy eating together.

Stuffed Avocados

This is a very simple recipe for a healthy and yummy snack. If you find it hard to get your kids to eat their vegetables, have your kids help craft their own avocado and enjoy the snack together. This is just one stuffed avocado recipe, but there are many ingredients you can use to stuff an avocado and if your kids like this one, you can continue to experiment with other ingredients.

Rainbow Fruit Skewers

This recipe should be able to grab your kids’ attention, it has the looks of a yummy ice pop, but the contents of healthy fruit. It’s perfect to brighten the day during the winter now that the sun goes down early. You can use the suggested fruits in this recipe or you can pick other fruits that your kids may enjoy more as long as they can fit in colorwise.

Super-Salad Wraps

This meal is another simple healthy snack to prepare for your kids and tuck away in their lunch box. This meal doesn’t take a lot of time, so it’s perfect to make before school, and you can even make a couple for yourself to save for later.