Valentine's Day Package
Valentine's Day Package

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MyWish4U Holiday Notes From Me!®
MyWish4U Holiday Notes From Me!®

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MyWish4U Lunch Notes From Me!®
MyWish4U Lunch Notes From Me!®

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Valentine's Day Package
Valentine's Day Package

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Make Your Kids' Day Happier with Notes From Me!


Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, family meals, summer camp, and together time.  ​

Your family will learn new things about the world, animals, geography, each other, and more.

Creates Family Connection, Communication, and Inspiration!


The creative way to communicate with kids and have more quality time with them, too!

Notes From Me!® typically create a dialogue between parent and child. They are the perfect conversation starters, boredom busters and brainteasers. 



MyWish4U Holiday Notes for kids

 Holiday Notes From Me!

Enjoy Your Favorite Holidays Together!  


Holiday Notes From Me!® are clever tear-off notes that teach your kids fun facts

about their favorite holiday and make them laugh, too!  4"x 4" books with 50 unique

tear-off notes in each. Brighten your kid’s mealtime, alone time, school lunch,

and family time. MyWish4U has the perfect solution to boredom and attachment

to electronics: Christmas Facts & Funnies, Easter Facts & Funnies, Valentine’s’ Notes & Jokes

and Halloween Facts & Funnies.  Each book is overflowing with cool holiday facts and jolly jokes. 

Love Notes From Me!

Tell Your Kids You Love Them!  

Enjoy the magic and connection and put a smile on their face every day. Give your kids what they really want—more connection with you!



Anytime Notes From Me!

Get to Know Each Other Better!

Conversation starters to get your kids talking and create a closer bond.  You're going to love getting to know each other better! Share laughs with unexpected discussions.


MyWish4U Anytime Converations

 Mealtime Notes From Me!

Make Family Mealtime Together Time!  


Brainy riddles, funny jokes, foodie facts, easy recipes, and fun games to connect with

your children at mealtime! The act of sitting together around a dinner table, sharing a meal,

and having conversations is a comforting ritual to introduce to your children from a young age.

If you start this ritual early, your children will come to expect it and respect it.



 A must for school lunches!

My daughter and her friends love these notes in her lunch each day. You can only write "I love you" in so many different ways. This is great and has a fact and a joke.  She looks forward to these in her lunches each day.

@ms. jenni

The perfect kids' notes!


My 8 year old son loves having lunch box notes. I purchased these because I was running out of ideas to write. I enjoy reading them myself and learn a fact and a "mom joke" each morning.



Great lunch notes!


I put lunch notes in my kiddos lunch everyday and I absolutely love these! They have the cutest sayings on them! By far my favorite!



Interesting facts for kids!

Love these! So easy to add your own personal note on the back too. These facts are actually interesting and the jokes are really  cute.  Highly recommend.



Great motivator!


My granddaughter loves the daily lunch box surprise and it shows her how much I care about her. Love them!




Funny Jokes!


The notes are filled with really interesting facts and the jokes make us all laugh! Easy to use, too, just tear off and read. Great price.




Lunch Notes for kids

 Lunch Notes From Me!

Lunch Box Notes Your Child Will Look Forward To!  


The Lunch Notes From Me!®  book series was made especially for parents wanting

to reach out to their kids at lunchtime.  It’s an easy way to let them know they are loved

and thought about even when they are at school.  These Notes teach kids interesting

facts about our world and make them laugh, too!