Guaranteed to Put a Smile On Your Kid's Face!

Mealtime Notes from Me!® are perfect conversation starters.  Filled with foodie facts, clever games, and funny jokes to involve the entire family. It will help to add humor, meaning, and lightness to the gathering.  Some of the best memories, biggest laughs, and heartfelt moments happen over conversations with the kids at the dinner table. Mealtime is a great time for fun conversation, bonding, and growth as a family. 

Mealtime Notes From Me!®

Mealtime Notes from Me!® include brainy riddles, funny jokes, foodie facts, easy recipes, and fun games to connect with your children at mealtime! The act of sitting together around a dinner table, sharing a meal, and having conversations is a comforting ritual to introduce to your children from a young age. If you start this ritual early, your children will come to expect it and respect it.