Our Story

The idea that sparked the creation of the MyWish4U Company was Sharona Saltzman’s daughter Shayna. Sharona wanted to make sure that Shayna knew her mother was thinking about her even when she was at school. So Sharona created little daily notes that would go into Shayna's lunchbox that would make her laugh and teach her something, too.

After a while, Sharona’s daughter and friends began looking forward to these clever little notes each day.  Some days, the kids wouldn’t even wait until lunchtime to find out what the note of the day was. This ignited the creation of the MyWish4U company and product line. 

Sharona teamed up with another mom, graphic designer Hadas Propper, and the two developed a complete line of tear-off notes filled with interesting facts, jokes, riddles, positive messages and fun questions.

Our Mission

At MyWish4U, we create happy notes for kids to use anytime, anywhere, and anyplace.  Notes from
Me!® add fun 365 days of the year!  We want kids to be kids---reading, learning, and laughing! MyWish4U makes it easier for you to add an extra bit of love to a school lunch, family meal, social gathering, or a road trip.  Our notes help parents connect with their children, strengthen their relationship, and also inspire kids towards the road of success.

Hadas Propper and Sharona Saltzman


Sharona Saltzman is a writer, creator and mom. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.  Her ability to identify properties and develop new products comes from her expertise in public relations, advertising and marketing. Sharona was an executive in specialty marketing and public relations with Dentsu Advertising.  Sharona has won awards for her billboards, advertising and bus shelters.  She is dedicated to the creation of books, gifts, games and other products that enhance, inspire and encourage children of all ages and strengthen family ties.

Hadas Propper is a  graphic designer, marketing communications specialist and mom of two girls.  She has extensive experience in graphic and web design, public relations, digital marketing and social media campaigns. Hadas met Sharona when her daughter joined Sharona’s Girl Scouts troop.  There was an immediate connection and Hadas joined MyWish4U soon afterwards.  The two collaborate and develop children’s products that are meaningful and inspired. 

Helping Kids Nationwide

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