5 Valentine's Day Acts of Love for Kids

5 Valentine's Day Acts of Love for Kids

5 Valentine's Day Acts of Love for Kids

As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, hearts begin popping up everywhere and the world seems to become covered in red, purple, and pink. If you’re looking for easy ways to help your kids feel your love on Valentine’s Day, we have five that work for kids of all ages!


1. Give them a small gift. As much as we try not to spoil our kids too much, surprise them with something like their favorite sweet, a stuffed animal, a cute red or pink shirt or sweater, or a craft to do together. A cute gift will help your kids feel the love.


2. Start the morning off with a happy loving breakfast. Heart-shaped buttermilk pancakes layered with Nutella and topped with fresh berries. Go all out with a Valentines Waffle Bar– including tons of fresh fruit, maple syrup and even whipped cream for your kids to make their own yummy masterpieces. Adding a little “I love you” love note from MyWish4U with a special breakfast sets them up to feel loved all day.


3. Make a fun Valentine’s Day school lunch. It wouldn't be lunch time without a sweet message. And a bento box is the perfect way to let Kiddo know how loved they are! There are so many fun designs that can be made with a bento box. Heart shapes are a holiday must for Valentine's Day. All it takes are some basic knife skills to get those rounded edges right! Keep It Sweet. The key to your bento box is finding all heart-shaped components! Heart-shaped Cheerios! Heart-shaped veggie chips! Hearts, and more hearts!


4. Make dinner feel special. Tie a red balloon to everyone’s chair. Add a MyWish4U Love Note to everyone’s place mat. Maybe serve fruit punch with heart shaped strawberries. Make heart shaped hamburgers on buns or a heart-shaped pizza as a family. Tell Valentine’s jokes and watch a Valentine’s movie like Lady and the Tramp, Beauty and the Beast, Shrek, WALL·E and Be My Valentine or Charlie Brown


5. Make Valentine’s Day baked goods. Making Valentine’s Day treats should not be complicated or boring. Engage your children to make it fun and at the same time give them a chance to utilize their creativity. This is also the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids. Make chocolate strawberry hearts, marshmallow pops, heart shaped fruit kabobs or red velvet sandwich cookies.


Holidays offer ideal opportunities to create traditions your kids will always remember and cherish. Make your kids feel like the most important people in the world this Valentine’s Day and fill it with memorable, loving activities. It’s a win-win for both parents and children alike and it’s super easy and enjoyable, too!