A Guide to a Spooky, Silly, and Fun Halloween

A Guide to a Spooky, Silly, and Fun Halloween

A Guide to a Spooky, Silly, and Fun Halloween

It is soon officially Halloween! As parents, teachers and family, we need to do everything we can to “spookify.” In other words, it is time to add Halloween fun to our normal activities, such as playtime and meals. There is also no better joy than brainstorming Halloween costume ideas with your kids or browsing the Halloween aisles of Target, Party City, Walmart or Michael's for hours looking for the perfect costume or new candy to try. Whatever it is you love the most about Halloween, there are fun and simple ways to enjoy this holiday with your family to make it a Halloween to remember!


Haunting Meals

It is always a good idea to make eating fun, but Halloween is the perfect time of year to get creative and involve the whole family in making your meals frighteningly delicious. Food Network has posted many Halloween food ideas over the past few years, and here are some of our favorites. You can start your kids' day off with a scary good breakfast with candy corn waffles. This is very simple to make and ideal to make in time before sending the kids off to school for the day.

For lunch you can prepare coffin and tombstone shaped grilled cheese sandwiches. These are very creative and could be fun to make with the family on a weekend together.

For dinner it is easier to get the whole family involved in preparing these spooky ideas, hot dog mummies can bring the whole family together wrapping the hot dogs with bread and making their best mummy. Or making homemade scary white ghost pizzas from scratch with the family can create an enjoyable time flipping the dough and forming the ghosts.

Lastly for dessert, there are so many options and likely nothing your child wouldn’t be excited about, like graveyard brownies, skeleton cookies, or this crazy eyeball lava cake that will take the helping hands from every family member to decorate.


Costume Party

After crafting those fun meals and snacks with the family, it is that time of year to go and bring the kids Halloween costume shopping. There is no better time of year for your kids to be creative and express themselves during Halloween, so here are some costume ideas that you can make at home or find at stores like Target.

Target of course offers the most popular costumes, which are Marvel superheroes and beloved Disney characters and princesses, it is hard to go wrong with these costumes and it is very fun for your kids to dress up as their idols. Not only does going with a group family Halloween costume make for a great family photo, but it can grow the family bond and togetherness. This is the only day of the year you can proudly look ridiculous in the middle of the neighborhood, so why not join your kids in doing it. Check out these family costume ideas from Goodhousekeeping.com.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!