Adjusting to the Weather With Fun Indoor Activities

Adjusting to the Weather With Fun Indoor Activities

Adjusting to the Weather With Fun Indoor Activities

As we move into the cooler months, we have to say farewell to some of our kids favorite activities. No more family beach trips, no more backyard pool days, or long bicycle rides in the neighborhood. Now it’s the time of year to go winter coat and snow boot shopping for your kids. Instead of watching your kids run around the playground in shivering weather, there are oodles of fun activities to enjoy with the family indoors.


Family Game Night

Gather the family to the table for a classic board game showdown. There are many board games that offer educational features along with a fun competitive nature, such as Monopoly and Scrabble. Splitting the family into teams is a good way to play some games that require more thinking and strategy, but there are so many games on the market that are perfect for every family, here is the selection at Target. If you want to take away the family competitiveness, then working together on a puzzle is a perfect activity to come together on a common goal. Or you can have a riddle and joke reading night from our very own MyWish4U Lunch notes!


Family Art Show

Arts and crafts is a great way for kids to express themselves and utilize their creative side of the brain. Having a family art show is simple and fun for everyone, each member can paint or craft their own piece of art and then everyone can showcase their creations and view them together as a family. It will be fun to see your kids' imaginations come to life.


Movie Marathon

Cook up some popcorn and make an entertaining movie lineup for the whole family. Disney Plus is the perfect streaming service for the family. It has everyones favorite Disney, Marvel, and Pixar movies that are easy to enjoy for both the kids and parents. Pick a day to relax and enjoy a Disney princess marathon, or a Star Wars marathon, the Toy Story series, or the expansive Marvel universe. Or, during the holiday season you can snuggle into a set of family holiday pajamas and hit play on some holiday movie classics, which can be found on Netflix, or you can watch the Freeform countdown to Christmas.


Bake Something

Grab some supplies to bake a cake, cookies, cupcakes, or brownies and have the kids help you out along the way. Not only is baking a fun experience and a rewarding treat, it is good to have your kids develop basic kitchen skills and they will feel accomplished when they are snacking on something they helped make. As we approach the holidays, you can add a holiday theme to items you bake, and it can also get you into the spirit by listening to a holiday music playlist on Apple music and Spotify.


Family yoga

You might need a laptop or TV for this one, but the experience of doing yoga as a family will leave you feeling zen and connected! There is a huge variety of kid- or beginner-friendly yoga videos online to try. You can even try a new one each time. Trying unusual body poses, often named after animals, is fun but also encourages focused breathing, balance, and relaxation. Your family will enjoy getting centered and physically fit and challenged by doing a yoga practice together.


Together time with your family indoors during the colder season is the perfect way to get your family members to explore new activities in the safe environment of home. Pretty soon you’ll have the whole family looking forward to these activities and trying to find the next new movie, recipe, pose, or game to try.