Halloween Party Ideas for a Scary Good Time

Halloween Party Ideas for a Scary Good Time

Halloween Party Ideas for a Scary Good Time

Give your friends pumpkin to talk about with these festive, spooky, and creative Halloween party ideas.


Witches’ Brew

Serve up shivery chills with this Ghoulish Kid’s Halloween Drink in a witch’s cauldron. It adds the perfect party touch to any gathering of little mummies, witches and goblins. This whimsical drink adds just enough spookiness without being too scary. You can serve it to children of any age. Since it’s easy to make, bigger kids can have fun making and serving the drinks with you. It’s pretty to look at and fun to share. Turn up the creepy factor by adding wiggly gummy candies shaped like eyeballs, fingers and worms. The foamy texture and the green color make this look like a Halloween bubbly brew. Everyone will be howling for more. 


  • 32 oz green Powerade
  • 2 liters lemon-lime soda
  • 2 quarts lime sherbet 

First, add scoops of sherbet to a bowl. Then pour the Gatorade over the sherbet until the bowl is about 3/4 full. Next, fill the bowl the rest of the way with the lemon-lime soda. Finally, add the optional garnishes such as gummy candies. Enjoy!

Brush up on these interesting facts and corny Halloween jokes to get everyone involved and laughing.

Decorate pumpkins. No knives and No carving necessary! Break out your craft and art supplies. It can be hard to come up with creative ways to dress up a plain old pumpkin but there are tons of unique decorating ideas.  From monsters and black cats to emojis and superheroes, a pumpkin can be transformed into pretty much anything. 



Set Up Some Games

Don’t let the Halloween fun stop after getting dressed up and going trick or treating. Get everyone involved in the party with some fun Halloween games including The Bitten Apple, Pass the Pumpkin, the Mummy Wrap and Apple Pass. Give Out Candy Prizes!

  • The Bitten Apple: Please one red apple in front of each player at a table. All will be standing with their hands behind their back. For older kids, they can use a blindfold. Then, set a timer and see who can eat the most in 60 seconds (can be longer, too).
  • Pass the Pumpkin: Use a big pumpkin or a smaller one for younger kiddos and have everyone sit in a circle or stand up. Play Halloween music while they pass the pumpkins around the circle. When the music stops, the player with a pumpkin is out. The rest of the players continue to play until there is a winner. 
  • Mummy Wrap: Divide guests up into pairs; give each pair a roll of toilet paper. One team member will be the wrapper and the other will be the wrapped mummy. The first team to use up its roll wins. Or you can give each team two rolls of toilet paper and after the mummy is wrapped, he or she must wrap his partner. The first team to empty both rolls of toilet paper wins.
  • Apple Pass: Divide guests into teams and line each team up. The first in line for each team is given an apple under his or her chin. Without using any hands, the apple must be passed to under the second team member’s chin and from that chin to the next until all the members of the team have held the apple. If the apple drops, it must start at the beginning again. The first team to successfully pass the apple down its row of members wins.