New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Whether your celebrations were big or small, New Year’s Eve was the time to bid farewell to 2021 and hit the refresh button for a bright new year. Making New Year’s resolutions as a family is a fun, positive and happy bonding activity. Goal-setting gives children a sense of responsibility and purpose. As children begin to form their own identities, it’s important for them to feel positive about themselves and their achievements. Creating and achieving goals gives children direction, motivates them, and contributes to a strong belief in oneself.

Setting intentions and sticking to them can teach your kids valuable lessons. With goal-setting, kids have the opportunity to engage in self-reflection, develop decision-making skills, generate a sense of purpose, and increase self-confidence. Establishing good habits with children while they are young sets them up to have good habits as adults. Making New Year’s resolutions is the perfect jumpstart.

Find something they have already accomplished and talk to them about the steps it took to get there and how good they felt when they achieved that goal. Have them write out 5-10 goals that are achievable.


10 goals your kids can do on their own like the following:

1. I will drink at least one more cup of water every day.

2. I will find an activity or sport that I can do twice a week.

3. I will set myself a savings goal for my allowance.

4. I will draw, paint or do Legos for at least one hour, once a week.

5. I will read for at least 15 minutes every day.

6. I will help make dinner one night a week.

7. I will brush my teeth and floss twice a day.

8. I will make my bed every morning.

9. I will keep toys and clothes off my floor in my room.

10. I will at least try at least one new food a month.


10 goals you can do as a family like the following:

1. We will have a family game night once a week.

2. We will organize a monthly family volunteer activity that supports a charity.

3. We will eat dinner together as a family every night.

4. We will put away our phones during dinner.

5. We will participate in one physical activity together as a family once a week.

6. We will make dinner together at least once a week.

7. We will be more eco-friendly and recycle.

8. We will start a savings account for a family trip.

9. We will take a family portrait.

10. We will start a new family hobby.


Setting goals as a family or that your kids can accomplish individually will be fun and give purpose to 2022. Developing resolutions can lead to more bonding and family-time, too. The rewards are endless and can become a family tradition.