5 Fun Ways to Stimulate Conversation at Mealtime

5 Fun Ways to Stimulate Conversation at Mealtime

5 Fun Ways to Stimulate Conversation at Mealtime

Meal and snack time are prime opportunities to engage children in conversations which is critical to their social, emotional, language and communication development. Conversations also make for an enjoyable mealtime.

Starting an engaging conversation with your kids at mealtime can be hard sometimes. Many times kids will shut down the questions parents ask with just a “yes” or “no” answer. It’s important to ask your kids open ended questions that allow for room for them to elaborate on their responses. It is also important that these questions are interactive and creative. Try out these 5 fun conversation starters the next time you are sitting at the kitchen table!


1. Name One Thing You’re Thankful for:

Go around the table and everyone will share what they’re thankful for! It helps kids reflect and appreciate the gifts in their everyday life. It will help your family feel more connected as well.

2. Talk About your Day:

Ask your kids questions about their day such as “What did you do at recess today?”or “What was something you learned today at school?” Kids will be excited to tell you about their school day! You can also share what you did that day which will lead to a longer conversation.

3. What are Your Top 3:

Pose a question that starts with: What are your top 3 favorite ____? You can fill the blank in with any category! For example, you can ask “What are your top 3 favorite movies?” or “What are your top 3 favorite holidays?” Everyone will have a turn to answer the question.

4. Come up with a Fantasy Story:

This will get you and your kids thinking and using your imagination! One family member will start off the story and everyone will keep adding to it until it is a complete story. This is a great way for your kids to express their creativity.

5. Who Am I? Game:

One family member will come up with a celebrity or TV/movie character that everyone at the table knows. Taking turns and going around the table, each family member will ask for clues. Then, they will start taking guesses until they figure out the correct answer.


These 5 ways to stimulate conversation at mealtime will help make mealtime more enjoyable and it will become a time that you and your kids look forward to everyday. Making these conversations fun will engage your whole family and give everyone the opportunity to be part of the conversation. Having conversation with your kids is important for their growth and will help build a stronger connection. So next time you are struggling to think of something to talk about with your kids at the kitchen table, try out one of these conversation starters!