8 Ways to Connect with Your Child

8 Ways to Connect with Your Child

8 Ways to Connect with Your Child

From the second your child is born until the day they leave the house; every parent’s main goal is to form a strong connection with their child. Making connections with your children every day strengthens your relationship and makes them feel loved. Many parents with busy schedules may struggle to find times to connect with their kids but studies show that the quality of the time parents spend with children is far more meaningful than the quantity.

Here are 8 ways to connect and make your kids feel loved every day:


1. Talk to them: The most basic way to connect with your children is to talk to them. Tell them about your day and ask about theirs. Ask them questions. Asking questions about what your kids told you proves you were listening and want to know more.


2. Hug them: Scientific studies have shown how important hugs are for humans. Hugs can help your child feel more safe and secure, improve their self-esteem, and show them that they are loved. Even though it may be uncomfortable at first for some parents, try doing it and getting used to it. Hugging your child will help you feel closer to them.


3. Just listen: Parents often rush to give their children advice when their child comes to them without a problem. Instead of immediately giving advice, listen to everything they have to say and let them express their emotions. This will show them that you are there for them and that you empathize. Wait till your child lets out their emotions and explains everything before getting into a conversation about the problem they encountered.


4. Play with them: Try out different activities with your child! You can play a board game, take a walk, play basketball, or anything else that your child enjoys. You can discover an activity that both of you love and will become something special for you and your child.


5. Be the anchor: Be your child’s anchor. Make sure they feel comfortable expressing their feelings to you and that you will always be there to listen. Be there shoulder to cry on and show them that it is ok to let these emotions out


6. Eat a meal with them: Mealtime is the perfect time to spark conversation with your child. Instead of asking a bunch of questions, turn your questions into statements to create a discussion. You can say, “share what you did at recess” or “tell me about something new you learned today.”


7. Individual dates: Set up a time when you can go out and do something one on one. Spend some time out of the house together where there are no distractions and you can both focus on connecting with each other. Set up dates at least once every month so that you and your child can have alone time and continue to build your relationship.


8. Figure out their interests and learn about them: Do your research on what your kids like and get all the information you need. If you understand your child’s interests, it will be easier to have a conversation that your child will be engaged in. It will also show your child that you care and are truly interested in what they like.


Next time you have a busy day, remember these tips and try them out with your child even if it’s just for a couple of minutes because as we know quality is a lot more meaningful than quantity. These 7 ways will help you maintain a strong relationship with your child and show them how much they mean to you. Kids want to know they matter. Connecting with your child makes all the difference in the world.